1. Return from London MCM Comic Con!

    Bit late with my blog but I had a blast last month at London’s MCM Expo, but gosh was it crowded! So many people turned up, the worse being Saturday but i had a good time with friends and enjoyed wearing my two costumes. Ariel was such fun to wear, I got to be all smiley and cute for the day, and got to spend the day with my lovely friend picklesofdoom as Ursula! Sadly we didn’t get many photos, even though we were photographed a lot lol We had a couple of funny photos our friend Leanna took, this was my fave :)

    Sunday was interesting and great fun too, my friend Sammykins and I were in the masquerade with our FFVIII Costumes. I was pretty pleased with how Rinoa turned out, I still have a few things to change though. The skirt was too tight and looked a bit nasty haha. I also made a few mistakes on stage but it was still fun to take part. We missed out on a photoshoot but managed to grab a few photos last min at the end of the day with our lovely friend GoldieNeko :)

    As usual the weekend went by sooo darn fast, but had some great times with some amazing friends, which is what its all about!

    I know how have a bit of a convention break but my next is Kitacon next year! Soooooo excited!



  2. Ariel Costume Progress!

    With only a couple of weeks til London’s MCM Comic Con I’m in a mad rush to complete my alterations to Rinoa’s Costume and make Ariel’s ‘Kiss the Girl’ Dress!

    I’m slowly getting the skirt together, and have bought a petticoat to add some volume to it. I’m in the middle of sewing the top, but have chosen that due to time that I will purchase and alter a corset style top to finish off the look. I really look forward to making a corset one day, but alas i don’t want to push it.

    I had a fun time with choosing a wig for Ariel, I first purchased one which looked ideal in photos but sadly it turned out to be a very bright red and just washed me out. Luckily my boyfriend came to my rescue and bought me a darker red one which looks a whole lot better. It is a little shorter than i wanted and the fringe at the front isn’t entirely accurate but i can add wefts in future when i have the time. It still looks gorgeous, especially with the bow!


    I’m extremely excited to wear both of these! I do find it funny though that both these costumes are mainly blue in colour! haha i have so much blue thread all over the show :P 



  3. Costume Progress for Upcoming events!

    I’m rather excited for the month coming up, as I’m going to be attending London’s MCM/Comic Con (whatever they wish to call themselves) Event in October! Its one of the biggest events of geekery for movies, comics, games and sci-fi stuff! Its usually very busy but I get to spend some good times with some awesome friends and have fun cosplaying different characters. This year I’ll be rewearing Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII) alongside my good friend Sammykins who will be in the form of Sorceress Adel! I only wore Rinoa for a day at Ayacon and sadly didn’t get any photos of my wearing it, but it was kinda rushed anyway. I’ve been spending more time tidying up my sewing on the skirt and re-thinking the arm warmers and duster. Its funny when you look back at what you’ve made and wonder why on earth you did it in that way :P


    So basically I plan to re-sew my arm warmers so the ribbing actually continues nice and neatly all the way around my arm, it will make them tighter but its been bugging me how they were before. I also moved the buttons on the skirt a little, i know it looks a bit puckered here but i am wearing jeans rather than the thin leggings that actually go with.

    I also made a lucky purchase of Rinoa’s necklace with both Squall’s griever and her plain rings! They look pretty good, not like the one large ring i used before haha


    Besides Rinoa’s outfit, I’m also working on a Disney’s Ariel Dress too, her blue day dress with the big bow that she wears in the ‘Kiss the Girl’ Scene. I’ll have more progress of it up soon but this is a new work in progress so its mainly all pinned fabric at the moment. But I have got Flounder and Sebastian at the ready to accompany me and hopefully my lovely friend picklesofdoom will be joining me as the fabulous Ursula!

    And finally before all the excitement of MCM I’ll be joining my boyfriend at  Winter LFCC on his art stall for the Sunday of the event. I look forward to it as LFCC is a fun event with lots of famous faces! I’m thinking even though I’m working the stall I might just wear my Captain America USO Girl get up for fun.

    Ah soo much to get excited about!



  4. The Beginnings of a Blog & Teeny Tiny Knitting!

    Wow, my first ever blog post! It’s taken me some time to get one of these up and running but I always fancied a place to ramble on and on about my crafts and costumes. I seem to enjoy a bit of show and tell but at least here people have a choice to visit and be bombarded with my random makes and silly costume photos :P And for myself its a nice archive of all my makes and notes for my future self to laugh at.

    Anyway, I have been cosplaying since 2007 and have always had an interest in arts and crafts, but this past year I have been experimenting more and more and beginning to feel more confident with my sewing and other crafty skills. This blog is an outlet for me to share my thoughts and new discoveries in the world of Craft and Cosplay!

    Now that I’m done with all the introductions, I feel I should share my latest craft creation……A Teeny Tiny Knitted Monkey!


    Rather cute if I may say so :P

    This tiny bundle of wool was made thanks to a wonderful book of patterns by Anna Hrachovec called Teeny Tiny MochiMochi .Her boo k features 40 different patterns of adorable miniature knits for crazy people who wish to knit with a small set of double pointed needles! And even though small this one took me far longer than I thought…but then again I am still a novice knitter so I shouldn’t expect miracles. I’m going to work on a chain of these little guys for decoration before attempting another pattern, but so far its very rewarding and somehow these are turning out to be the best things I’ve ever knitted!

    So there we have it, my first blog post! Let’s hope it won’t already be my last hahaha.